A contestant from the U.S. version in 2008 sees her lifelines and categories.

Lifelines are helping hints in the game, they are meant to help you get as far as you possibly can. Most are available from the beginning of the game, although in some versions there are lifelines available after correctly answering a certain question. In versions of Millionaire with a clock, the clock stops while using a lifeline.

Original LifelinesEdit

Ask the AudienceEdit

When this Lifeline is used, the audience is told to vote on their keypads on what they think is the correct answer. Once all of the audience has voted, a bar graph animates and the host and contestant quickly go over what the audience voted.


The computer randomly takes away two answers, making sure to leave the correct answer and one incorrect answer. In some versions, the two answers are predetermined.


The contestant could call one of up to three or five (depending on the version) previously selected friends, who then had thirty seconds to hear the question and give their answer.

Additional LifelinesEdit

Ask the ExpertEdit

This lifeline is based on the "Three Wise Men" lifeline from Super Millionaire. It allows the contestant to call an expert (previously chosen by the show) via a face-to-face Skype call. Various experts have ranged from celebrities such as Jay Thomas, to previous Millionaire contestants such as Ogi Ogas.

Ask One of the AudienceEdit

This lifeline is used on the German version of Millionaire. The host reads the question again to the audience, asking all members who think they know the answer to stand up. The contestant chooses of these audience members, and can discuss the question with this person. The contestant is not required to lock into this person's answer. If the suggested answer is correct and the contestant chooses it, however, the audience member recieves EUR500.

Double DipEdit

This lifeline was originally featured on Super Millionaire, and allows the contestant to choose two answers on a question. In versions of Millionaire with a clock, the clock is stopped for the first answer, and then resumed for the next. In Super Millionaire this was in the same game as the 50:50 lifeline, allowing for a possible no-lose situation if both lifelines were used on the same question.


This lifeline is only used on the Australian "Hot Seat" version of Millionaire, in which it replaces all lifelines. The current player passes the question, although they move to the back of the line of players. The next player then must play the question, regardless of whether they have their pass available. Each player only gets one pass.

Switch the QuestionEdit

After the second safe haven, the contestant can switch out a question they found difficult for another one worth the same amount of money. Any lifelines used before this on the question are not given back.